Digital Transformation 

Unlimited Group and Splendid Agency (part of Unlimited).

Unlimited is an umbrella agency that contains 7 digital consultancies. that My task was to define the style and business goals, consulting with the key business decision-makers and executives, while working on a unique visual style. The project required working with .json files through Lottie, creating some 3d elements & mograph animation.

Problems & Goals

Showcase an image of a digital specialist - how do we place Unlimited as the expert

How to showcase the seven agencies under the Unlimited umbrella

Client as the main character of the story


Interactive features - Js timeline, WebGL animations, .json mograph elements

All the visuals are monochromatic - except for client projects and related articles

Colour UI System for all the umbrella agencies


The main concept is that everything but the projects and client related materials is black and white - that takes the attention to the actual work and puts the clients in the center.

Splendid Unlimited

Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 22.41.46.png

JSON Lottie

animation to save on loading time

Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 22.41.33.png
case study.jpg

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