Social campaign: New Quid on the Block

We reached 96% of the UK with our ‘New Quid on the Block’ campaign. We created a multi-platform approach, from a business-focused website to a dedicated press office and even a Found the Pound Snapchat filter, all to ensure every demographic was reached.

The main task was to create a platform appealing to everyone. The platfrom is mostly informative hence lots of text. To make the reading appealing and comfortable to everyone (including elderly & disabled people) we optimised for extreme visual accessibility and added interactive elements. I was also taking care of the social assets and posting. (2).gif
Problems to solve

Get the attention of both businesses and individuals

Accessibility for disabled and elderly people

Include the most information we possibly can to decrease the amount of inquiries and questions 


AAA Accessibility throughout the whole platform

Divided to two sections - business and personal

Including interactions and animations to visualise information more efficiently (4).gif
96% of all UK adults reached
1,400 pieces of coverage
Coverage in every national daily publication
Flagship pieces in Match of the Day, Blue Peter, The One Show and Gogglebox.
Over 50 social assets
Other Case Studies