Turning chaos into order

Team Machine is a tech start-up based in London - helping organisations to better understand their data patterns.

How to visualise big data & implement it into a functioning product?

Defining the Problem

Get the trust of C-level guys of big organizations

Simplify and organise big chunks of data

Design the information architecture for mobile and web app


Atomic design system

Visual data system

Mobile and web app

Big data & Dieter Rams

I was inspired by the simplicity and feasibility of Swiss design mostly Dieter Rams' work and the way big data visualizations works & their patterns.

data visualisation system based on circles


User Journey -
Show me who’s working in Skech and what has been done so far?

Team Machine shows you all the needed information & files so you don’t need to check any other apps for data.

The quick free form search allows you to skip the tree structure and look for keywords in all the sensored apps and activity right away.

Other Case Studies