Forget Everything You Know
About Traditional Tax

In Switzerland - where everyone is taxed at source, Taxly helps customers digitally create and submit their tax returns in less than 10 minutes.

Defining the Problem

Tax is not a very sexy thing to sell to the younger crowd - especially if it's obligatory to fill up your own return. It's stressful, boring and complicated... There is so much information to fill in and it's easy to make a mistake, which is scary to imagine. How to make things easy, fun & attract people under 26 years old?


Atomic design system & multiple form UX to keep all the fill in information easy to perceive. To attract Zoomers, we focused on the tone of voice (climate change & charity) and created the brand's mascot - Roger the bird.


Branding & character approach


AI Roger will guide you through simplified questions that are only relevant to your situation. In a matter of minutes you can review a fully completed tax return.

Atomic Design System

Taxly required a very simple and readable design system as the main user journeys are full of fill in forms and active elements. Important part of the system was to define active and non active fields so the user is able to move quickly through the process.


Character design - Roger the cuckoo bird


The tone of voice

To attract Zoomers we decided to tie Taxly to environmental and charity causes - the app donates most of the earnings to fight Climate Change - that generates good press and recognition.


“We have re-engineered every part of the customer experience and consolidated it across the 26 cantons. The result: A purpose built, customer focused, technology first, legacy free tax system.”

- Daniel Kershaw, Founder & CEO

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