The smarter TV

This year Sky launched the most advanced smart TV yet - The Glass. Big screen devices have been long overlooked in the personal device revolution - we all love our easy to hold and operate smartphones and watches but TVs are often are thing of the past - even the smartest ones require a lot of preparation to install and don't have the stylish finish we all expect.

The Challenge 

Sky has been mainly a content provider till now - how to communicate value and tech proficiency in building hardware to existing customers and make it attractive enough to switch from other more established brands? How to highlight Glass' advancements and use them to make the product stand out?

It's pure magic.

The creative direction for the global campaign focuses on the feeling of magic - both technological and aesthetic. This is a next-generation product, not only eliminating common tv problems like messy cables or difficult installation but also adding quality finish and design flair to the product. Another revolutionary strategy is to combine the product with all signature Sky content - you can get it all with just one great device. It's all ready to use, just like magic!


My role

As a Senior Product & Interaction designer, I worked with the product team to develop the digital look, UI System and interaction models as well as collaborating on the overall creative direction of the product, including direct contact with the clients. Later on, I acted as the Motion Lead, being responsible for finding the animation language for the overall product as well as defining it through a fully working Motion Guidelines.

The Glass UI is visual, scaled up and clean. It doesn't depend heavily on the copy - the majority of the storytelling is conveyed with animation and beautiful, wide photography.


I created animations to present Glass' fearures in a creative way that enagages the user visually and does a good job explaining the technology behind it. All the animations are PNG sequences and are designed to be both light in size and beautiful.

Interaction models are designed as an inseparable part of the product - when designing UI or behaviour models I always think about the holistic result. It's becoming more important especially in the age of AR.


When thinking about presenting Glass technology it's important to tell a simple yet imaginative story and explain how the product benefits the user.

The UI System


We built a fully responsive over 200+ components UI system that is used for all Sky products now.

The UI system is expanded by a section dedicated solemnly to the actual TV interface and interactivity.


The structure


Dividing the presentation to sections helps with navigation and comprehending the information - which helps with deciding and looking for specific information.

Clear summaries divided into 3 options - all information is layed out just before the purchase.


The Motion System

As a Lead Motion, I overlooked the process of building and implementing the motion system and building the core interactivity for the whole family of products. The goal of this system is to automatise the work of both designers and developers, sometimes successfully cutting the motion production time by 60%.

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