Growing business w design thinking

EasyMoney is the fintech sector of the Easy global group. It lets you invest in UK's biggest property projects - with minimal risk. Well, they needed a new app to conquer new spaces.

Users drop the app during the onboarding - some of the legal disclaimers seem scary. The goals and product offers are not clear - users are not sure which strategy fits them best. How to bring the product to modern digital standards; to introduce digital transformation?


My Role & Solutions

I worked on the project from the very beginning - building the base and all the following stages. As the Lead Creative, I was responsible for developing the strategy along with the direction and tone of voice & scaling the Design and Interaction System across the entire app, I made the illustrations and animated them. First, we focused on creating a fresh onboarding experience - with the help of the animated illustrations - making it short and to the point, including the legal information as an honest, short disclaimer.


The Income Calculator helps you to set monthly or yearly goals for your wealth building - also advises you which type of account would get you there and how much will you need to invest to get to your desired goals.

Brand Expression

Like all the Easy brands, Money keeps it fresh, light and approachable but puts a premium, fintech twist on the look and feel. The biggest visual moments are the custom animated illustrations - they convey Money values and provide a moment of delight.


Custom animated illustrations add quality and creativity - increasing engagement and trust. 
I was hands on on every each of them - both motion & illustration.


The UI System

The component system is mainly focused on scaling typography - it was very important to keep things readable and differentiate between various styles and size of the text to showcase the hierarchy of importance.


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