Agata Inventio is a motion/interaction designer, creative director & nft artist exploring new ways of integrating digital products & animation into the fabric of reality. Recently, she freelanced for DesignStudio, R/GA, Engine & crafted experiences for brands including  Sky, Apple, Samsung. You know she's creative because this is written in the 3rd person. 
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In 6 years of my career, I've collaborated with some of the world's leading, global digital agencies - leaning towards tech, media & entertainment brands. I execute the vision using my industry knowledge, engaging ideas, and big picture thinking through all stages of a project. Communicating with clients & stakeholders to define the goal and ensure success is at the core of my work.

My work is my passion; I stay at the forefront of change & if there is a better way to solve a problem - I'll know about it. My Education includes Multimedia Design and Communication AP (Denmark), Commercial Production & Design BA at Regent's University (London) & Global Creative Markets at Sotheby's. I can recommend some really good books on advertising, art, film & scifi. In my free time, I paint unique paintings & throw parties in VR. I genuinely want to become a cyborg. Some people say I am funny.