Social experience for
a household travel brand

EasyJet is a travel giant coming in to take on new markets and to serve a holistic experience tailored to new digital standards.

Defining the Problem

EasyJet wants to bring on new services to the existing users - how to implement additional services into the ordering journey. Family holidays option is currently not explored - how to increase group bookings? Lack of personalisation to the ordering - how to differentiate and tailor the experience to specific customers


Developing the Social sensor - connecting your social media feed into your holiday experience. Dividing the journey into two different user journeys - single user and a group plan. Possibility of theming your vacations - Ripple Effect strategy.


The interactive planing board is based on the idea of ''The ripple effect'' which is the main theme developed throughout the app. Every action fills in information into the algorithm, which actively gives you new propositions and options. Personalisation can't get more tailored. The design of this feature is inspired by the interactions of the iWatch's main interface.


Social sensor - Your Travel Pal highlights posts in your feed that relate to your travel plan. You can add them to your travel right away by allowing the EasyJet app to  connect into your social accounts. This way you can leave planing your holiday experience to the algorithm and enjoy!


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