Interactive ordering journey

The main challenge was to design ordering system and UI elements consistent across desktop, mobile & app. I also designed UX for the ordering experience. “The Official Food of Everything” is a fully integrated campaign including TV, digital, radio, Spotify, PR, social and a partnership with Tinder. The campaign also marks Domino’s first foray into cinema advertising and will see an OOH wrap at the iconic IMAX site in Waterloo.

Problems to solve

Ordering extras - becomes confusing when users try to add more than one

Many users dropping unable to go through the array of options

Half-half section is confusing to people, needs a smart solution


4 states ordering buttons

Using interactions to focus attention in specific moments

Complete redesign of the half -half section

Perspective-App-Screens-Mock-Up-16 (1).j

Principle prototype - the journey of ordering an item with extras. It was important to keep the information precise so there is a clear distinction between different states of the ordering buttons.


Interaction of the ordering button - 4 different states depending on how many amounts of an item users want to order.

1 domino.jpg

"Our new advertising campaign, "The Official Food of Everything", drove a record 200,000 online orders - or 140 a minute - on the last Saturday in September"


- Peter Wild, CEO, Domino's

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