Background & Skills

I believe that products need to give a real life value & push the boundaries of innovation into the bright future. 

I bring this vision to my clients using unique strategy, engaging animation, and product innovation through all stages of a project. Communicating with clients & stakeholders to define the vision and generate business value is at the core of my work.

In 5 years of my professional career I've collaborated with some of the world’s leading global agencies, brands & start-ups.

I collected extensive knowledge across the technology & media industry and working along side amazing, smart people. No sprint is too intense and no amount of effort too great for me to attain the goal.

I love my work - I do it in my free time as well.

Inspiration often lays in unexpected places.

My background spans not only through the design industry but also in behavioural and computer science & statistics. I believe that big data is the magic of the 21st century - it shows us how to benefit & helps us to navigate the modern landscape.


Education - Multimedia Design and Communication AP in Denmark, Commercial Production & Design BA at Regent's London & Global Creative Markets at Sotheby's.

In my free time I paint strange paintings, play PS4, work on gesture devices, and AR solutions. 

I genuinely want to become an cyborg. Some people say I am funny (if they like dry humour).


Figma, Sketch (+plugins), After Effects, Ps, Il, Pr, Bodymovin, Json, Cinema 4d, Zbrush, Zeplin, Jira, Principle, InVision, Unity, html, CSS, JS & getting on React and Angular.

I update my skillset constantly to stay on the forefront of change - if there is a better way to solve the problem out there - I'll know about it.


Sapient / Adam&Eve BBD / VCCP / Nexus Studios / AnalogFolk / Splendid / Drum / EY Seren / Lab


Digital Innovation / UI Product design / 2d & 3d Animation / Native App IOs & Android design / Product Design for VR & AR apps / Design System Libraries / Interaction Design / Creative Direction / Optimising for visual & tech accessibility / Illustration & Drawing / Rapid prototyping / Storyboarding, Storytelling / Front - end / Identity Development


My Workflow

1. Identify & Learn

Briefing - Research - Project Goals - Identifying business problems - Target Audience / User needs- Market - Content Requirements - Time setting - Innovation & future possibilities chat

2. Thinking & Exploring 

Inspiration - Ideas exploration - Reference  contemplation - Visual and Brand Strategy - Hollistic interaction possibilities - Animation setup - Storyboarding / Storytelling - Client workshops

3. Creating & Production

Design and animation concepts - Polishing - Production - Animation - Illustration - Coding - Amends - Setting goals for the future - Using all the learnt information - Product maintenance workshop

Let's turn your
ideas into reality