Luxury gadget startup -
style and technology

In Switzerland - where everyone is taxed at source, Taxly helps customers digitally create and submit their tax returns in less than 10 minutes. My role was to, aside from UI design & creating the app mascot, cooperate on the creative direction and determining business expectations. Estimated profit is planned to reach over 25m euros in 3 years after launch and gain up to 10m users across Europe, after expanding outside Switzerland.

Goals to achieve 

Projecting the image of minimal luxury, full-mindedness, awarness

Changing the tech industry by nature friendly approach - how to use social channels to promote it

Creating a seamless experience across web, app and Mixed reality


Atomic design system & informative UX

Creating the brand's mascot 

Focus on the environment to connect to gen-Z


Branding & artwork approach

AI Roger will guide you through simplified questions that are only relevant to your situation.

In a matter of minutes you can review a fully completed tax return.

In a matter of minutes you can review a fully completed tax return.


Character design - Roger the cuckoo bird


“We have re-engineered every part of the customer experience and consolidated it across the 26 cantons. The result: A purpose built, customer focused, technology first, legacy free tax system.”

- Daniel Kershaw, Founder & CEO


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